1. 1978 Blizzard
2. 1996 Storm
3. 2001 Storm
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Storms To Remember
1978, 1996, 2001

     The building did not get shoveled out that day….nor for many more days. No patients were seen as they were unable to travel; and, office staff and clinicians were also unable to come in. There were the emergencies as some patients found it quite difficult to cope with the power outages, food shortages, being homebound, and more. One afternoon while sitting in my office talking to a patient I could see out the window as the Army frontenders struggled to clear the streets. One dipped it's blade, went into the snow bank, and came out with a car in it's scoop. They simply placed the snow and car into a big dump truck and continued with their task.

     The 1996 storm brought significant damage, especially to Hull, where it was reported the waves went over the high school. The storm of 2001 was less devastating but hit us hard. Hull again fell victim to Noreaster flooding.